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open source telematics app

Mobile app to track location, driving style, lifestyle patterns, vehicle data, and monitor car crashes. Initially, this app has been designed to showcast telematics SDK and Platform capabilities. Then we decided to make this source code available to help the developer community to create products that improve driver safety and efficiency as well as creating a new experience for their customers.


advanced than any existing vehicle log book app, mileage tracker, insurance app, driving behaviour tracker, trip log app, vehicle logger, tracker app, driving app, app telematics, etc.

Suitable for:

Ready to go solution

Open-source mobile app

Management workspace

Telematics infrastructure

Analytics portal and APIs

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Firebase integration

Full function mobile application

Telematics SDK

User profile

Trip log

3rd party integrations


API access

Trip details

Claims management

Host personal data on your side

Login and personal details




> US
> Europe
> Singapore


We respect data privacy and follow personal data protection regulations. That is why using our open-source telematics app you have an option to manage the personal data of the app users and host it in a region that is suitable for you.

The app is integrated with Google Firebase. Use this service for Authentication and personal data hosting.

Telematics data



> US
> Europe (Default))
> Any region (Data export option)


Based on requirements, we provide a full set of data management services including storage (short-term and long-term). However, we also support flexible data management options, where the client has option to export data to its own server at any moment.

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the open-source app

Available for iOS and Android

Set up a product configuration

Fully manageable product

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